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  Title: Someone You Loved
  Artist: Lewis Capaldi
  Instrument: Piano Sheet Music
  Key: C Major
  Metronome: 110
  Scoring: Piano / Vocal / Chords
  Styles: Pop
  Difficulty: Medium
  File type: PDF
  Pages: 5

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  1. Hanro Nel

    I donť speek very good english but I am going to try. Wow! I have tried about 4 apps and not one could give me a free download of this. Thank you very much!!!

  2. A Human

    It’s great! Simple, easy to learn, and sounds like the song even when you just play the treble clef and the bottom base clef. I’d recomened this! Freedownload is awesome too!

    • Sheet Music

      Thank you

  3. Venice Angeli

    This is absolutely lovely… I love all of the music sheets here in this website, they’re always spot on with the song’s tunes. Aside from that I really love the generosity of this website, there’s an option for free download! I wanna donate when I can. Thank you! You’re doing great!

  4. Gabriele Cufari

    This is my first time, on this site. Thanks for all!

  5. Isaac


  6. Carmen

    Thanks so much!!!!!

  7. antonio

    Muito bom

  8. antonio


  9. claudia

    Thank you!!!

  10. Hatem

    Thank you so much Sheet music team …. All respect

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