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“Game Of Thrones Sheet Music PDF From Game Of Thrones Main Theme” for Piano Sheet Music, Scoring Piano Solo , Original key: C Minor, number of pages sheet music PDF: 4, by Ramin Djawadi . Game Of Thrones Piano Sheet PDF Free Download.

Game Of Thrones Sheet Music PDF From Game Of Thrones Free Download
  Title:Game Of Thrones (Main Theme)
  Artist:From Game Of Thrones
  Instrument:Piano Sheet Music
  Key:C Minor
  Scoring:Piano Solo
  Styles:Movie, TV, Soundtrack
  File type:PDF
 Download: Free

  Game Of Thrones Piano Sheet Music PDF Download

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Game Of Thrones’

The music for the fantasy TV series Game of Thrones is composed by Ramin Djawadi and published by Varèse Sarabande. The soundtrack is instrumental and features one major theme, the Main Title, which accompanies the series’ title sequence.
The music is noted for its popular main theme, which has been covered many times, and for its use of decidedly non-medieval renditions of songs from the series’s source novels by noted indie bands. These adaptations, according to Wired, create attention for the series in media that wouldn’t normally cover it, but are also notable for their musical merits independent of the series.

The soundtrack to Game of Thrones was originally to be composed by Stephen Warbeck. On February 2, 2011, only ten weeks prior to the show’s premiere, it was reported that Warbeck had left the project and Ramin Djawadi had been commissioned to write the music instead.
To give the series its own distinctive musical identity, according to Djawadi, the producers asked him not to use musical elements such as flutes or solo vocals that had already been successfully used by other major fantasy productions. He mentioned that a challenge in scoring the series was its reliance on dialogue and its sprawling cast: on several occasions already-scored music had to be omitted so as not to get in the way of dialogue.
Djawadi said that he was inspired to write the main title music by an early version of the series’s computer-animated title sequence. The title music is reprised as a global theme in the rest of the soundtrack, initially infrequently and as part of the theme of individual characters, then in full towards the end of season 1 during particularly important scenes.
The album was made available for download on iTunes on June 14, 2011, together with a “digital booklet”. It was released on CD on June 28, 2011, 41 days after the show’s premiere.

Source Wikipedia.

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