Guava Jelly Sheet Music Bob Marley

Guava Jelly Sheet Music Bob Marley PDF Free Download

“Guava Jelly Sheet Music” by Bob Marley, “ Guava Jelly Sheet Music” for Piano Sheet Music, Scoring Piano / Vocal / Guitar , Original key: C, number of pages sheet music PDF: 3, and Lyrics song  Guava Jelly Sheet Music Download.

Guava Jelly Sheet Music Bob Marley
Bob Marley Sheet Music

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Title: Guava Jelly

Artist: Bob Marley

Pages: 3

Instrument: Piano Sheet Music

Key: C

Metronome: 78

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Guava Jelly Sheet Music Download

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Title: Guava Jelly

Artist: Bob Marley

Instrument: Piano Sheet Music

Scoring: Piano / Vocal / Guitar

Key: C

Metronome: 78

Format: PDF

Pages: 3

Chords: Guitar Chords

Lyrics: Yes

Styles: Reggae

Difficulty: Medium

Guava Jelly Sheet Music


You said you love me;
I said I love you.
Why won’t you stop your cryin’?
Dry your weeping eyes.
You know that I love you

Groovin’ Here I am,
Groovy Child
Come rub ‘pon me belly
Like a guava jelly,
(Here I stand)
(Come rub it ‘pon me belly)
Like a guava jelly)

Verse 2
You say you need me
I say I need you, too
Baby Why don’t, stop your cryin’
And dry your weeping eyes
You know I love you

Groovy, Here I am
(Come rub pon me belly)
Like a guava jelly),
Ooh baby here I am
Come rub pon me belly
Like a guava jelly

Repeat/ adlib
Guava Guava jelly,
Guava Guava jeelly

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