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“Un Poco Loco Sheet Music PDF Coco”  for Piano Sheet Music, Scoring Piano / Vocal / Guitar , Original key: G Major, number of pages sheet music PDF: 7, and Lyrics song   Un Poco Loco Sheet Music PDF Coco Free Download.

Un Poco Loco Sheet Music Coco PDF Free Download Piano Sheet Music by Coco. Un Poco Loco Piano Sheet Music Un Poco Loco Music Notes Un Poco Loco Music Score
  Title:Un Poco Loco
  Artist:from Coco
  Instrument:Piano Sheet Music
  Key:G Major
  Scoring:Piano / Vocal / Guitar
  Styles:Disney, Latin, Movie, TV, Soundtrack
  File type:PDF
 Download: Free

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Lyrics Un Poco Loco Coco

Un Poco Loco

What color is the sky
¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!
You tell me that it’s red
¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

Where should I put my shoes
¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!
You say put them on your head
¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

You make me
Un poco loco
Un poquititito loco
The way you keep me guessing

I’m nodding and I’m yessing
I’ll count it as a blessing
That I’m only
Un poco loco

The loco that you make me
It is just un poco crazy
The sense that you’re not making
The liberties you’re taking
Leaves my cabeza shaking
You are just
Un poco loco

Un poquititi-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-to loco!

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Un Poco Loco Sheet Music Cocofrom Coco
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